“HYBE is really ruining K-pop” Netizens talk about ILLIT’s 1st place encore stage on M Countdown today

ILLIT’s 1st place encore stage on M Countdown today

1. The female idols in HYBE really have no live singing skills

2. HYBE is really ruining K-pop. A company without basic skills

3. I wish Minju would cover more songs. She has a good voice and she sings well

4. No, except for one member, they have no vocal skills at all, so how did they debut?

5. How did K-pop become like this?;;;

6. Is K-pop also becoming J-pop?

7. Idols with Japanese-style development orientation should not debut in Korea

8. Minju is really good

9. What’s up with HYBE?

10. Except for one person, they have no skills as singers. If they can’t sing while standing still, how can they sing while dancing?

11. It’s better than before, they’re still rookies so they need to practice more

12. But honestly, I think they’re better than LE SSERAFIM

13. It’s much better than before

14. Except for Minju… They can’t really sing…

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