Biggest fandom can’t decide who they hate the most?

Will the army finally look at themselves in the mirror and realize what they have become ? Spreading hate toward others group, attacking others idol isn’t enough for them, Now they comming after members and their families.. The funniest thing is that they army’s know perfectly well that this is happening and do nothing to protect them. I wonder what the band members would say when they see what their fans have become, whom they are so proud of ?

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This is big coming from blinks who are notorious for having the most vile and nastiest solos/akgaes within their own fandoms.

Solos have always existed, but blinks took it to another level. It got drastically worse from when your girlies got luxury BA positions and everything turned into a bragging competition between each BP member.
Blinks have become so delusional, they want to live vicariously through their faves, whether it be what brand they wear, their social following, or who they’re dating.

Don’t even get me started on blinks token stanning a bts maknae line member just to set them up. Most of the solos I’ve seen on Twitter being rude to other bts members are also stans of Bp or a member of BP. No surprise.

The truth is that there are more ot7 armys than solos, which cannot be said for blinks. Take off your blinkers next time before you submit a post. This is not your personal blog.


Also, they scream “misogyny” when armys clap back.
The most ironic part is that most of these toxic blink accounts are owned by he/him or gay men that are attacking female fans.
They call out armys for being anti-feminists but then turn around and throw insults at other girl groups.


Are yall back to writing shit posts considering nobody’s talking about your “successful” faves? Hop off BTS & armys’ dicks and mind your own breed instead. Or better yet: GET A JOB 🤗

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