Idol who is the standard of all-round member of girl groups



She has everything

1. She has an excellent voice, but she’s an all-rounder and good at everything else

2. Taeyeon is amazing, I think it’s Nayeon and Jennie for the next generation. Taeyeon is so successful as a solo artist

3. I thought of Nayeon and Jennie

4. Taeyeon, Suzy, Nayeon, all three are pretty, good at singing and dancing

5. If it’s not Taeyeon, I don’t think it’s the kids mentioned in the comments here

6. I thought of Nayeon. I didn’t know Taeyeon danced well

7. I thought of Taeyeon and Jennie

8. Does Taeyeon dance well? I’m asking because I don’t know

9. For me it’s Nayeon!

10. I’m not a fan, but I admit it

11. Taeyeon is like a textbook for female idols

12. That’s right.. She’s good at dancing too

13. I thought of Taeyeon when I saw the title

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