Idols who sold over 1 million copies this year

BTS 3.37 million copies
Seventeen 2.72 million copies
BLACKPINK 2.51 million copies
NCT Dream 2.1 million copies
NCT 127 1.83 million copies
Aespa 1.79 million copies
TXT 1.74 million copies
Stray Kids 1.72 million copies
ENHYPEN 1.56 million copies
IVE 1.37 million copies
TWICE 1.05 million copies
ITZY 1.01 million copies
ATEEZ 1 million copies

1. Kingtan is crazy

2. BLACKPINK is amazing

3. BLACKPINK, Aespa, IVE, TWICE, ITZY.. This is really the golden age of female idols

4. BLACKPINK sold 2.51 million copies???? When did this happen? Crazyㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. I’m so happy that ATEEZ is in that lineup

6. Wow, BLACKPINK is just a boy group;

7. These days, female idols’ album sales are no joke

8. Well, there are a lot of girl groups

9. BLACKPINK and BTS are crazy

10. BLACKPINK sells as well as male idols

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BTS did that without 20 versions and begging 😭


Army and their inferiority complex, a never ending saga. Your fave achieve smtg and all u can think is to shade other group, seek help!


This is literally facts.. why are you crying its true bts is the only one with only 2 versions rest have 10+ or double

Last edited 5 months ago by Ist

Well its a known fact too yall have inferiority complex. Yall can praise your fave without shading other groups yk… just saying

Not ur typa girl

Ikr. They can just congratulate other groups. But nahhh. Instead if doing that, they still wanting to drag and shade other groups. What a bunch of pathetic losers.

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