If you don’t believe Chuu’s controversy, why do you believe Irene’s controversy?

Why do you believe her controversy just by looking at one post?

1. Irene herself admitted it, what the hell are you talking about?

2. Irene admitted and apologized to the victim..

3. What? Were you born yesterday?

4. You didn’t know the details of Irene’s controversy, right? Or are you a fan of Irene?

5. That’s what the staff revealed.. There was also a recording and Irene admitted it

6. Irene admitted and apologized, are you a fan of Irene?

7. Irene admitted and apologizedㅋㅋ

8. Bae Joo Hyun even wrote an apology letter

9. Even for Irene, before the apology was posted, everyone was suspicious ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

10. Chuu’s manners are different from Ireneㅋㅋ

11. Irene admitted it herself

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hagrene fans, just take the L and go… your idol is a bully and ruined her own career


her career isnt ruined cus she yelled at somebody.. be fr


Lol red velvet fan trying to make irene look saints 😭😭😭


Also look how quick everyone came to defend Chuu.. its not even a comparison. Also didnt Chuu’s bullying “rumors” come out after her lawsuit was revealed? I am starting to think that was BBCs doing tryin to set up a gapjil narrative.

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why do i believe irene’s controversy? hmm, let’s see… maybe because:

multiple respected and well-known stylists, editors and video directors who had previously worked with red velvet liked the victim’s post about the 31-year-old bully and showed their supportthe 31-year-old bully admitted it herself and posted an apology on her igthe 31-year-old bully’s company also admitted it and publicly apologized (and allegedly paid hush money to the victim to silence and stop her from releasing any recordings of the 31-year-old bully)
if you know anything about sm and k-pop in general, you know that artists and their companies don’t ever apologize or admit to something, unless the victim has indisputable and irrefutable evidence that they’re telling the truth.

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the amount of bully and criminal stans coming out to use chuu’s story to defend abusers is disgusting


calling irene an abuser when she yelled at someone is crazy


still abuse of power, she is indeed abuser


yelling at ppl who work for u IS abuse are u crazy


There’s no way to restore Irene previous image. She doesn’t have CF anymore, every time she’s mentioned, her scandal surfaces again. If she wasn’t from a big company, she would’ve been kicked out or putting on hiatus until the contract expires.


weve forgotten abt it to be fair and we only remember it when her fans bring it up

spicy spice

she release an apology once the victim said that she has the recording of irene yelling at her lol. even the post was liked by ppl in the industry.

U can't stop me

Did this op didn’t saw any videoclips of company’s mistreatment for Chuu. I am not even a fan of Chuu or loona. But I feel for that girl. The moment she raised her voice against the company for not paying her and not giving her any staff too. These biches pull out this move.
Even loona members are angry with this company statement. Tell me how many rv members let out any thing regarding that matter. Everyone knows in chuu’s case company is doing this so that they could tarnish her image and also not pay her for all her hardwork. But this was a pretty dvmb move of them as it is pretty clear no one is on there side not even the existing loona members.


irene still got a job while chuu… 🤣


Irene can’t do solo work chuu can and can pay her own bill without her group whereas Irene has to lick sooman ass to be in red velvet

spicy spice

gurl. irene was canceled. not having any solo photoshoot anymore and i remember one of a magazine account ‘forgot’ to put irene’s hashtag on their instagram for red velvet’s post.

i mean, i’m not a part of stanloona squad but that chuu girl basically feed her bandmates. just her carrying the whole group.


shes not cancelled for yelling at someone she still would be famous internationally and would still have her core fanbase in korea. no one cares abt her yelling at someone be forreal.


1. Irene admitted it
2. The staff who was verbally assaulted by Irene had a recording ready, thus SM took a swift action and personally apologized.
3. A lot of staff commented under the victim’s IG post supporting her and hinting that Irene does have a problem.

Chuu doesnt have any of that. Instead an hour after BBC posted that lie about Chuu, several staff members defended her saying Chuu was one of the nicest idols they’ve worked with.


chuu’s already gone through so much and now these vile people are using the fake rumours abour her to defend their own sh/tty faves. fck y’all and leave chuu alone


irene face scream.*im the queen, nobody could touch me* idk the hype about her looks, she just looks so plain and boring with those fkin sassy edgy vibes. krystal is way better than her >>>

yocoochi smells

essentially a non issue, so irene berated an employee. it’s korea they do far worst to subordinates


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