ILLIT became the #1 selling girl group in their first week of debut

ILLIT who became the #1 selling girl group debut in terms of first week sales

They just sold another 25,000 copies and reached 316,000 copies

Breaking the new record since 1.5 years

1. They are cute, pretty and I also like this song

2. First of all, the song is so good and the members are all so pretty

3. Wow, this is amazing

4. Please don’t ruin this post by mentioning other idols in ILLIT’s congratulatory post

5. Ah, congratulations to ILLIT, the song is so good and cute

6. The post is about ILLIT, so please congratulate ILLIT

7. It really exceeded my expectations

8. The song is so good

9. For the 5th generation, TWS and ILLIT will dominate

10. I listen to this song every day

11. The whole album is good

12. I like that song so I keep listening to it

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