ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ live encore performance on The Show today

ILLIT ‘Magnetic’ live encore performance on The Show today

1. They looked so young that I thought they were middle and high school students. I was surprised that they were older than the average age of NewJeans

2. Minju is the visual member and sings well, I like her

3. Among big companies, HYBE is the worst at vocal training

4. The MCs are Chinese/Korean/Japanese.. The kids can’t even speak Korean properly

5. Who is the MC? Are they foreigners? I don’t even know what that woman is saying

6. The girl in the middle has the prettiest face and sings well

7. HYBE has no vocal training… ?

8. This must have been their first encore since their debut, but I’m grateful that Minju did well

9. Minju did well and Moka should work harder

10. It was a mess except for one person

11. All Korean members did well

12. Why are the best singers at HYBE these days the ones from other companies?

13. Minju is good, her voice is so unique and she sings live so well

14. They did well except for two Japanese members

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