ILLIT reaches 300 million streams fastest on Spotify for a K-pop group despite controversies

Wow ILLIT is daebak

1. I wish there was an explanation for following accounts criticizing seniors

2. The song is so good

3. It seems HYBE’s strategy worked, congratulations

4. What the hell?

5. What about Spotify autoplay?

6. Because the song is good

7. Fighting, our kids, who always silently move forward no matter what anyone says~

8. But their image is bad in Korea…

9. Spotify autoplay?

10. Well… Congratulations but from now on don’t follow accounts that criticize seniors

11. I heard that every time foreigners listen to a song, ILLIT’s song is automatically played. Is this the reason?

12. I like their song

13. Are they foreign singers?

14. I wish they worked abroad rather than domestically

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