ILLIT Wonhee reports malicious comments in real time during live broadcast today

ILLIT Wonhee reports malicious comments in real time during live broadcast today

“A 16yo idol had to report multiple hate comments on weverse during a recent live, all the hate that she & her group members are receiving is because of a situation that they have no control over… and their label is doing absolutely nothing to protect them.”

1. Min Heejin also made it clear that the kids were not at fault

2. If you’re going to curse, curse at HYBE. Why are you cursing at ITTLT?

3. This is my first time seeing an idol directly report malicious comments. HYBE doesn’t even protect their artists?

4. HYBE doesn’t seem to care about managing artists

5. Are they intentionally showing me this? It’s a company that uses artists as shields

6. The staff member in front of her must have seen the malicious comments, so why did they give her phone and force that member to read the malicious comments?? Doesn’t HYBE manage their idols?

7. Regardless of their skills, it’s too bad that they’ve been criticized so much in the past few weeks because of the company

8. Idiots justifying malicious comments are disgusting

9. Please stop posting malicious comments… I hate people who post malicious comments thinking they are apostles of justice

10. I hope those who made malicious comments will also be sued

11. Isn’t that what employees should do? Why did they let her see the malicious comments herself…

12. I feel sorry for that kid

13. Haters who are posting malicious comments here too, please wake up.. I guess they really think they are justice

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