Is it true that 120 million were ad views out of Baby Monster’s 200 million views?

Why did they go this far?

1. But what does that have to do with you? Why are you so angry? ㅠㅠ

2. But this is my first time experiencing a MV with ads on YouTube so often

3. It’s not that YG doesn’t run ads, it’s that BLACKPINK doesn’t need to run ads

4. Am I the only one who hasn’t seen it? Why isn’t it showing up for me?

5. This music video still appears on my account 3-5 times a day

6. Wow, 120 million is too much

7. But I think 80 million views is high for a rookie group

8. ? Why are ad views so bad? It’s not illegal

9. Even if you run ads, isn’t it good to get 200 million views?

10. YG spent a lot of money

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