IU accused of plagiarizing 6 songs including ‘The Red Shoes’, ‘Celebrity’, & more

[Exclusive] Singer IU accused of plagiarizing 6 songs including ‘The Red Shoes’

1. Suddenly? Why are you doing this to IU?

2. It’s not the original author but the third party filing the complaint, but even that company doesn’t know about this, what’s happening?

3. Don’t get angry at celebrities and just live your own life

4. Wow, I feel sorry for IU

5. When will IU’s haters wake up… Please leave IU alone

6. Just live your own life, don’t waste time hating celebrities

7. Why do you live like that? I don’t understand

8. I’m curious, but why are you accusing the singer and not the composer??

9. But can you file the complaint even if you are not a composer?

10. It’s not even a song written and composed by IU

11. I thought it was April Fool’s Day

12. Because IU is doing so well as a singer and actress, the haters are going crazy

13. I really don’t understand the mentality of people who hate IU this much,,,,

14. I really feel sorry for IU

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