IVE’s first full album surpasses 1 million copies in the first week

Over 1.03 million copies

1. I didn’t expect it, but they sold well

2. IVE is getting bigger!!!!

3. IVE is cool, congratulations

4. IVE seems to be popular overseas

5. Congratulations IVE!

6. It’s amazing that a group from a small and medium agency sold over 1 million copies in the first week

7. Are you saying Kakao is a small and medium company?

8. Wow IVE is amazing

9. The top 5 Korean entertainment companies are SM, JYP, YG, HYBE, and Starship.. Anyway, congrats to IVE

10. IVE has become the pride of Starship

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IVE is amazing without big agency they managed to hit big because they have good songs. People often say they’re only popular because they have ex produce group’s members. Yes having yujin and wonyoung did help but at the end of the day every group need something to pull everyone in. From ioi, wannaone, izone, to x1, there are only some who actually made it after the disbandment

Color color stan

Their company is literally on the same level as sm entertainment now. they’re both kakao’s subsidiary, one of the biggest conglomerates in korea. this is an insult to groups that actually came from small agencies. ive is very successful cause they have good songs, no need to make up stories


Mention another group under kakao with the same success as ive in sales and charts, quick. Exactly you can’t because it only happens with ive, drop that kakao narrative now to downgrade their success because before ive y’ll dgaf about kakao

Color color stan

Lol im not downplaying their success??? im just pointing out that they’re not from a small agency? are you being fr? dives want an underdog story so bad by acting like ss ent is some unknown company when the truth is if you watch produce series they get amazed from ss trainees bc they arent some small agency struggling with money. just accept that jesus


not an underdog story but y’all overestimate kakao’s influence in starship fr. they are very hands off and starship themselves are a mid company. only when ive hit it big did suddenly this narrative that kakao is a privilege comes like lmaoooo


U said starship is in the same level as sm if any korean heard this they will laugh at your face


How is starship is in the same level as sm?? And can u remind me who did sell 1m copies other than ive from all of these companies who are under kakao its like 10 companies and all of them are flops other than iu and ive

country fried

I’m surprised that they hit 1 mil already but it’s deserved


The did 1.7m sales with after like and it was single album with 2 songs


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