Jinni just uploaded her pictures on Instagram

1. She looks like an actress. Will she act?

2. If she debuts again, will she be a singer again??

3. Is she still at JYP?

4. So now she’s modeling?

5. She hasn’t made her solo debut yet??

6. I guess she doesn’t like being an idol

7. Why did she leave the group…??? At least I thought she left because she didn’t want to be a celebrity

8. She looks like Kang Hyewon

9. I can see Song Hye Kyo.. What a waste of her face

10. She’s so pretty

11. Why did she leave the group?

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Jin's Protection Squad

since Jinni has Jin in her name, let’s support her.


she is attention seeker

Support trans Lisa

Hot girl. Hope she becomes a soloist. She’ll definitely chart better than ultra flop nmixxx.

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