K-netizens compare NewJeans’ concept photos with ILLIT’s concept photos after Min Heejin’s statement

Concept photos of NewJeans and ILLIT that I searched for out of curiosity

The four photos above are NewJeans

The four photos below are ILLIT

I don’t know these two groups very well and I searched for concept photos on Google and only found group photos

1. Honestly, they’re really similar. When I first saw these concept photos, I thought they were NewJeans and everyone around me said the same

2. I think this is a concept that wouldn’t have happened without NewJeans

3. They are the same.. I thought it was NewJeans when I saw the photos below

4. I’m not sure. ILLIT reminds me of TripleS

5. Honestly, it seems like they copied NewJeans

6. It seems like a concept that wouldn’t be possible without NewJeans

7. When I first saw them, I thought they looked like a copy of NewJeans, but then I heard it was HYBE and thought, “Oh, that’s HYBE’s style.”

8. To be honest, when ILLIT’s concept photos appeared, I immediately thought of NewJeans

9. They are so similar that even foreign kids think they are NewJeans

10. Honestly, they are so similar… Just looking at these photos, I understand why Min Heejin is angry

11. I thought it was the same group

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