Kang Daniel apologizes to the advertiser for saying the wrong brand name

Kang Daniel’s side “Apologizes to the advertiser for confusing the brand name”

In ‘Street Man Fighter’, Kang Daniel stated, “Thank you to our advertisement officials. ‘Trevi’ is delicious! Just kidding. But I am half sincere.”

But the brand that sponsors ‘Street Man Fighter’ is ‘Seagram’, not ‘Trevi’

1. What? He said the wrong brand name and promoted the competitor’s brand?

2. Not once or twice

3. Does he want to shoot commercial for Trevi?

4. He’s so stupid.. I just feel sorry for the advertisers

5. The broadcasting industry is living off advertising, this is a huge accident

6. “I am half sincere”.. He’s so stupid

7. I’m confused, why did he say it was a joke?

8. His social skills are so bad

9. But I really don’t know what he was trying to say… What the hell ??

10. I feel like he doesn’t even know what he did wrong…

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