Karina who came back with black hair today

1. Her beauty is crazy

2. Honestly, she looks better with black hair

3. As expected, Karina looks the prettiest with black hair

4. But it’s sad that I won’t see her blonde hair again

5. Wow she’s really cold

6. She was so pretty with blonde hair, but what a pity

7. Bleaching seems to damage her hair too much

8. Black hair is the best on her

9. Am I the only one who thinks she looks better with blonde hair?

10. Blonde hair suits her so well ㅠㅠ Black hair suits her too… She’s still pretty!!!

11. She’s f*cking pretty

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pigmin jhorse ratjoon flopga hagjin jungcock slvthyung

Karian top, seraflops twice ugly flop


Probably dyed it back to black because Spicy music show promos are over + to complement her look for the Cannes red carpet, which I’m very curious about!

Something told me she won’t be blonde at Cannes, and I was right! They leave for France tomorrow, if I’m not wrong.


My pretty girl 🥰


6. She was so pretty with blonde hair, but what a pity

blame the idiot stylist that fried her hair


Her hair is so dead this is so sad

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