Knetz react to BTS V making food for fans even after the business was closed (Seojin’s)

1. V loves Armys

2. Why am I crying?

3. I don’t think I’ll ever forget Jinny’s Kitchen and Intern Kim Taehyung

4. The fans who received it will never forget it

5. It was touching. I laughed and cried. Looking forward season 2

6. V is a real angel

7. Thanks to Jinny’s Kitchen, I was happy for 3 months

8. This scene was so heartwarming that it made me cry without even realizing it

9. I was moved when I saw this. Intern Kim is a wonderful person

10. Preparing food for fans without words. It was touching

11. Even if he doesn’t say anything, his expressions says it all

12. I liked V while watching Jinny’s Kitchen. The more I got to know him, the more I liked him

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3 months passed by too quickly i need season 2 with more episodes asap


is you


you’re fast as fck you’re here even before fans arrive. it shows how pathetic and obsessed you are


Is those 4 dozen girlie that you stanning


Acting as if ur mom actually cares about you😭she prob want throw you to trash bin since the firstime she see you



Teenaged puppy

Learn to spell correctly, Nancy

Teenaged puppy

Jennie enters the chat

Teenaged puppy

And he continues to thrive. Love that for him


He is the sweetest person ever

Truth speaker

Seojoon looked really turned on everytime he saw V working in the kitchen. Saying stuff like “Taehyungs butt looks cute” while starting at it and whistling at V while he was working. I guess his comments about wanting his future wife to be in the kitchen is true after all

Last edited 6 months ago by Truth speaker

Seojoon said about wanting a “traditional wife” years ago. I’m pretty sure his mindset has changed now. And there’s nothing wrong with a little bromance, he just finds tae adorable like we all do 💜

Color color stan and yg & teddy's 4 tramps

Too bad season 3 probably won’t happen because he will most probably focus on music until the time he enlists

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