Korean netizens are shocked by ILLIT’s popularity in Japan

ILLIT’s popularity in Japan

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They have over 199,000 streams

For reference, NewJeans has 258,000 and LE SSERAFIM has 231,000, but their debut song is expected to surpass 200,000 immediately

What’s even scarier is that this trend is growing so it’s likely to reach its highest peak in girl group history

1. This is a style that Japanese people will like

2. I’m excited because the Japanese members are cute and I like the song

3. Since there are two Japanese members, I’m curious about their popularity in Japan, but it seems like they’re so popular in Japan

4. It’s a concept that would work well in Japan and the song is also so good

5. HYBE’s rookies are always the most popular in Japan

6. The song is so good and they have Japanese members too

7. I think they will be successful because the concept and song have a style that Japanese kids will like, and there are Japanese members as well

8. I guess they can’t write without mentioning NewJeans

9. Can’t they be promoted without NewJeans?

10. There are Japanese members in the group so I feel like they will be popular in Japan

11. There isn’t a big difference between the domestic and foreign reactions to NewJeans, but ILLIT is so different…

12. I really like this song

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