Korean netizens debate whether idols are singers or not

Do you think idols are singers?

1. Idols are also singers

2. Idols are not singers. Talent and looks are more important to idols than vocals, if you’re not a singer, you don’t have to sing well

1. Idols are also singers. They sing songs

2. Of course they’re singers

3. They’re singers

4. They are singers because they sing

5. There are idols who develop and improve their skills so as not to be looked down upon, but there are idols who think like 2

6. Of course they’re singers, if you’re not a singer, why are you singing?

7. It’s true that they are singers, but the difference is that they are influenced by performance, image, plan, capital, etc. than established singers

8. They are not singers?? Then they are dancers

9. They are definitely singers

10. If they’re not singers, it’s okay if they lip sync

11. But if you look at their singing skills, some idols are singers and some are not

12. They are singers. There are many idols who sing well

13. Of course they’re singers.. That’s why there’s always controversy about live singing and lip syncing

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When will people understand that idols are like music influencers and not like actual singers? They are chosen because of their high marketability not for artistry. They have no need to be amazingly talented so long ad they sell. The music is just the ad for the actual product (the idols themselves). Their main goal is to get brand deals, sponsorships, sell merchandise, and tickets to their events. That’s why you have idols like Blackpink who no longer need to care about their music because they have already passed that stage in their careers.

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Lazy Banana

“Their main goal is to get brand deals, sponsorships, sell merchandise, and tickets to their events.”

Bruh, that’s a goal for any celebrity. That’s where the money is. Ask a runway model and they’ll tell you the money is with brand ad campaigns. Ask a singer and the money is mostly with selling tickets to concerts. Tours are a huge money maker for any musician. Brand deals are coveted because they pay high not only for idols but for any celebrity. As for merch? Yes, the people you probably consider “actual singers” also use them. That’s why Billboard had to instill a policy against merch bundles. And before you say kpop was the cause for this new rule, search first about how an American singer even sold condom as a merch for their new album.

You like to think “actual singers” are only picked for their talent and not for their marketability by labels but you’re wrong. Marketability is important for any business not just the idol industry. Why do you think PR teams exist?


Are you daft? I never said idols were the ONLY celebrities this was entitled to. But we are speaking strictly about Idols here so I only spoke about idols. Obviously though the idol industry in Korea works a little differently than artists in the West. The same way idols in Korea work differently from idols in Japan. Or do you think idols like AKB48 who were never given any formal training and do theatre shows and handshake tickets are the same as idols IVE, Blackpink, or New Jeans who have had years of formal training to do all round performances with heavy choreography are the same as artists like Adele, Beyoncé, or Ariana Grande who relies heavily on their musical talent and barely do dance choreography? Like, obviously there will be overlaps but you do realize there are different levels of singers that each come with their own requirements?


What a pathetic question 💀 if they weren’t singers, who sang the songs they released on each album?

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Lazy Banana

They are singers. Do all of them sing well? Maybe not but their job is still primarily as a singer. Most trainee audition tapes are of them singing, they release an album, they perform on stage dancing while singing. We’re not talking about skills here, but their job description. Based on their activities, yes, they are singers.


There is one imposter among them. The worst one


idols sing but they aren’t singers


According to one company leader, they’re dancer who occasionally sing


well idk about other but taehyung is singer and an artist at hear, he is someone who you will always catch singing in behind the scenes, on screen, vlives, official content so yeah dont include his pic in debate I cant say the same for 4th gen though


Except newjeans most of 4th generation seems only care about visual and choregraphy not actual singing talent

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