Korean netizens react after Dispatch revealed IU and Lee Jong Suk are dating

[Exclusive] “I liked you so, so much for a long time”… IU ♥ Lee Jong Suk were caught dating in Japan

According to Dispatch on December 31, Lee Jong Suk and IU spent Christmas together in Nagoya, Japan this year

1. Crazy, are the two of them dating? They look so good together

2. Wow… crazy… an unexpected combination

3. Wow, I’m really surprised!!!!!! Jieun-ah, I’m so happy

4. I support this couple

5. Awesome ㅜㅜ Looking back at his acceptance speech, I was even more impressed

6. Well, it’s a combination I didn’t really think of, but they’re so good together

7. That’s why IU sang a song at Lee Jong Suk’s family wedding

8. They get along so well, I wonder how they met

9. Dispatch gave me goosebumps..

10. They look so good together. The two of them are so cute

11. Wow, I searched and the two of them were Inkigayo MCs until December 2012

12. They look good together, but I really hope Dispatch is ruined

13. If they get married, they will live well together

14. It’s a combination I never thought of, congratulations if it’s true

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