Korean netizens react to HYBE’s new girl group ‘ILLIT’ debut teaser photos

HYBE’s new girl group ‘ILLIT’ debut teaser photos

1. Taiwanese version of NewJeans

2. How many Korean members are there?

3. They look like NewJeans

4. I’m curious about the song

5. NewJeans?

6. NMIXX + TripleS + NewJeans

7. They are the same agency as ENHYPEN

8. I guess I’m not the only one thinking of TripleS. But the visuals and combination are very good so I think they will do better than I thought

9. I thought it was NewJeans

10. I think they will do well too

11. All the members have long black hair so it seems like they have the NewJeans style

12. I like ENHYPEN’s songs so I hope that they will also choose a good song

13. I don’t know why they all have the same style, but it reminds me of NewJeans

14. Isn’t that a copy of NewJeans?

15. It seems true that NewJeans have turned the music industry upside down

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