Korean netizens talk about BABYMONSTER’s debut with ‘BATTER UP’ MV


1. They look like an idol group from a small to medium sized company

2. It’s like BLACKPINK’s debut days

3. What? It sounds like a BLACKPINK song

4. The MV and song are both good

5. The song isn’t very good but the MV is good

6. The song is disappointing… I think they just put together some leftover YG beats from somewhere

7. It sounds like a BLACKPINK song

8. The song is not good, it sounds like a song from the 2000s ㅠ But who is the visual member of this group? There are no members that catch my eye

9. There’s no member that really stands out

10. It’s like a song created by combining BLACKPINK songs

11. When I think about the debut of 2NE1 or BLACKPINK… I feel disappointed with this group

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