Male idols who debuted this year are considered to have opened the 5th generation


Debut date: May 30
Agency: HYBE (KOZ)
Debut song: One and Only


Debut date: July 10
Agency: CJ (WakeOne)
Debut song: In Bloom


Debut date: September 4
Agency: SM
Debut song: Get A Guitar

1. Is it the 5th generation already?? Wow

2. Isn’t this the 4th generation?

3. TXT, ENHYPEN and the male idols who debuted this year seem to belong to the same generation

4. I think the 4th generation is just starting

5. I’m curious about the idol boy group that will appear in ADOR later.. I don’t know what Min Heejin’s pick will be..

6. They are obsessed with the 5th generation

7. Why are you obsessed with generations?

8. I think it’s the 4th generation

9. So who is the 4th generation?

10. 4th generation female idols are in their golden age;;;

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We’re still in the fourth generation. The fifth generation won’t start debuting until 2025. Their peers will not be fifth generation groups. It will absolutely be groups from 2019-2024. We’re in the 4.5 era now.


the line between 4th and 5th is still blurry especially for boy groups. but i personally think those who are debuting this year are still 4th gen

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