Mamamoo Hwasa has been dating a man who is 12 years older than her for 5 years

Sports Seoul’s article today…

1. Wow, but it’s been a while since I’ve seen dating rumors through articles like that

2. Hasn’t she talked about it on TV before?

3. Since she moved her agency, there have been a lot of dating rumors

4. 12 years old?? He’s 40 years old??? The age gap is too big

5. Be happy

6. If you search on Naver, you will find an article

7. Oh, isn’t this Mamamoo’s first dating rumor?

8. 12 years old..?

9. It’s like the 2000s, the dating rumors are in the newspapers

10. That newspaper is more interesting than the dating rumors

11. He’s 40 years old? He’s too old

12. I thought she wanted to date someone younger, but she’s dating someone older

13. This is my first time seeing dating rumors spreading in the newspaper

14. Wow, Hwasa is so much younger than I thought..

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