Mamamoo’s Hwasa was reported to the police by the parent-student association

[Exclusive] Mamamoo Hwasa is alleged to have made a s*xual gesture during her recent performance

1. I like Hwasa, but please don’t do it at the university festival… I hope she will only do it in her own concert

2. Hwasa’s gesture is disgusting, but I think the accusation is too much… Hasn’t she been criticized a lot?

3. They’re adults, but why are their parents like that…?

4. Wow.. It’s the university festival..? It’s not the high school festiva. But the parent-student association..????????

5. She shouldn’t have done anything that crossed the line in the first place

6. It’s the university festival, but parents…?

7. Since this is not her concert, I respect the opinions of those making accusations

8. Singers and dancers need to be careful

9. These accusations are meant to raise awareness, not to seek punishment

10. I understand, I don’t think she will be punished, but I think she will need to be more careful in the future

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