Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam leave TREASURE

Mashiho and Bang Ye Dam terminated their contracts, TREASURE was reorganized into a 10-member group

1. I don’t know anything else, but I know that Bang Ye Dam doesn’t fit that group

2. I feel sorry for Bang Ye Dam……. He should have joined another company ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ

3. I like all of the TREASURE members, but I think it would be better if Bang Ye Dam made a solo debut ㅠㅠ I hope everything goes well

4. Aren’t the two of them popular members?

5. I hope that TREASURE and both of them will do even better

6. Bang Ye Dam seems more suitable for solo + production

7. It’s a pity that Bang Ye Dam went to YG and wasted his talent

8. I don’t know the members other than Bang Ye Dam

9. Bang Ye Dam will do well whatever he does, I hope Mashiho’s health recovers well

10. I think Bang Ye Dam will continue to work as a producer

11. I only know Bang Ye Dam…

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believe what you want

saw this coming from a mile away


I just found out that there is a group called Treasure


honestly idk what yg was thinking to put yedam in 12 members group , like why would they formed 12-membered group anyway like they would work if they constantly promote them like NCT but yg always do these mysterious once in a while , promotions that barely can be able to call a promotion, like just because that works with your previous groups does not mean it will work on this .

Almost every kpop groups that have more than 5 members and only has like one/two members that people knows before the group’s official debut failed


on oe hand I only know yedam, but the other hand it’s a shame he’s been there for long but only debuted recently. the company wasted his chances and time


i feel bad for mashiho that boy had potential
but they wasted yedam he was never meant to be in a 12 member boy group
should’ve been in something like big bang or winner 4-5 members only



spicy spice

lol. my friend cried over this news eventho i told her that they would never coming back to their group since their hiatus announcement. like it’s so clear that yedam wasn’t satisfied with his group’s result.



Jj dw

This is so sad as teume im bronen but u saw this coming yg stopped using their images voices and more in treasure’s content so i’ve seen this coming terminating a contract makes it illegal to se a person’s content for profit

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