Members of HYBE’s rookie boy group BOYNEXTDOOR (Zico’s boy group) revealed

1. Why did they name the group like that?

2. Everyone is handsome

3. There seems to be a lot of talks about Zico’s group but I don’t pay much attention to it, but it’s better than I thought…??

4. I’m looking forward to their song because it’s Zico

5. They’re all equally handsome so it doesn’t seem like any member stands out

6. Something reminds me of ENHYPEN members

7. I feel like all the male idols of HYBE who debuted after TXT look the same

8. Are all the members Korean?

9. It’s a bit like the male version of NewJeans

10. But why do idols all look the same nowadays?

11. Doesn’t this member look like Zico??

12. It reminds me of ENHYPEN

13. I’m surprised that they’re all more handsome than I thought

14. The video quality is good, the members are good too

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