NCT 127’s concert in Indonesia threatened by bomb attack

A handwritten letter foreshadowing a bombing was found at NCT 127’s concert.

Local police have searched the area and have found nothing so far

Less than 5 hours until the concert…

1. Wow crazy

2. They should postpone the show and catch the culprit first

3. They’re rehearsing right now, right? I’m so worried, but why hasn’t SM made an official statement yet?

4. But why are so many singers threatened with terrorism every time they perform abroad?

5. I think they should cancel it.. Too dangerous..

6. The singers and fans must be worried. Why didn’t they cancel it?

7. Well, that’s crazy. I hope nothing scary happens

8. Crazy, please cancel it

9. Hul… I guess they’ll have to cancel it

10. Is it not a joke?

11. How do singers and fans enjoy this concert while shaking with anxiety?

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