NCT fans criticized for their actions at the airport yesterday

Looking at NCT at the airportㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

1. If they hadn’t come to the airport in the first place, this wouldn’t have happened

2. That bodyguard is working hard~ He’s doing well~

3. I’m a fan of another group, but I was really surprised when I saw this… The airport was really bad yesterday

4. The airport was so severe yesterday

5. They can’t even move

6. Those fans are really crazy

7. What if those people weren’t fans but haters? Of course he should act like that

8. The bodyguards are good though

9. Seriously, I hate these fans

10. They are fans of NCT Dream, right?

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seungri is free

dont care. deserved. stupid group with 147
faceless members and 0 good songs

big bang is ugly af

It’s 100% better to stan faceless members than be ugly and marijuana group


Stupid stfu and go away with your fvgkyass pimp. Anyone is wayyy better than your pimp in this industry. You are here stanning criminals worry about that first.


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think it’s time for them to enforce a law or something for this cause surely it might be a nuisance and disturbance to other passengers

dot com bubble

You know what’s worse? SM seems to kinda promote this behavior when it comes to fans. That’s why SM groups get the worst kind of sasaeng.


Can’t they just put the barricades in place to contain the crowd? I’ve seen it done only a few times, wonder why this isn’t a norm when they know how chaotic the situation can be. Coming from a country that has witnessed how bad crowd rush can get, I simply can’t understand how their mind works…

dot com bubble

SM won’t do that. You have to know that SM is the company which offered a global package which consist of concert tickets and hotel accommodations during NCT’s stop in Chicago. The hotel accommodation is in the SAME hotel where the members are staying. There were tons of sasaeng videos of NCT members at the time. SM really don’t give a shit and even acts as an enabler for this type of behavior among SM stans. This is why NCT fans (SM groups basically) have this reputation for acting and behaving like they’re in a zoo.


NCT/sm group fans are known for acting like animals at airports


Because they are popular it happens. Other nugu bands wish 5hey have nct power



bitch please.

Just waiting for Iaetwon 2.0 coming soon

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