NCT is popular overseas, but why are their YouTube subscribers so low compared to other groups?

If they’re popular overseas, I think their subscribers are around 7-8 million or 10 million

NCT currently has 5.44 million subscribers, so I’m curious

(I’m asking because I don’t know ㅜㅜ)

1. Because their Chinese fans can’t use YouTube in China?

2. But YouTube is popular in Southeast Asia, so they should have a lot of subscribers and high views.. I’m curious too

3. Because other idol groups are more popular than NCT overseas

4. If you look at them, they’re not as popular overseas as the 4th generation

5. Doesn’t NCT have a lot of members?

6. NCT doesn’t seem popular overseas compared to other groups

7. Because they have fewer overseas fans than other groups

8. They have so many units, I really don’t understand the NCT system

9. But don’t they sell a lot of albums?

10. I don’t know, but honestly they’re not popular in Korea

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I don’t think they are sooooo popular overseas. Stray kids,seventeen and txt are more popular


Tbf only NCT 127 has been marketed overseas all this time. NCT Dream has barely had any promotions beyond South Korea and in some parts of SEA. Dream is a 6 year old group but have not gone on a world tour before at all.

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I honestly think nct was more popular back in 2018-2020

nct dream is mostly popular only in asia and that’s kinda understandable because SM almost never promoted them outside of korea, not even in japan. also I think their music is not really targeted for western audiences


idk I’m from one of the SEA countries , and most of their fans here is more to collect pcs , gushing their looks and personalities more than the music

also I think it’s hard to see or measure popularity on youtube’s views since nct’s good songs usually are their bsides


Who subscribes to official YT accounts anyway, you get all the necessary info and links from Twitter and IG anyway 🤷🏼‍♀️


I subscribed to all my fav groups 🥴


It’s because they have 8 Youtube channels across the whole brand lol. Everything is spread out.

NCT Dream
NCT 127
NCT Daily
NCT Music
NCT Dance

But I wasn’t done…

Only BTS is popular overseas and it’s not up for discussion. The rest are media played to hell with no results but inflated album sales with no streaming presence. Only Asia cares about non BTSes


and for female group it’s blackpink


SM was kinda stupid to use many different accounts for nct before. they finally realized how it wasn’t benefitting them so they didn’t use the previous 3 channels anymore. should’ve used the main channel since the beginning and I think they would have more subscribers by now. some of their older videos were uploaded in 7 different channels: nct, nct 127, nct dream, nct daily, nct music, nct dance & smtown

even ikon who have less fans than nct have more subscribers because they only use the same account since they debuted

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