NCT member Jungwoo’s older sister is actress Kim Min Ah

[Exclusive] NCT Jungwoo, his older sister, actress Kim Min Ah… The birth of visual star siblings

According to Sports Chosun, NCT member Jungwoo’s older sister is actress Kim Min Ah

Woori Actors, “Kim Min Ah is Jungwoo’s older sister. She was careful to not mention it because she was afraid of causing harm to her younger brother, Jungwoo, who was already promoting as a celebrity.”

1. Daebak! That’s right, when I look at the pictures, they look alike

2. Wow, she appeared on ‘I Can See Your Voice’ before and she sings so well

3. Hul.. I really think she’s Jungwoo with long hair

4. I think I watched her on ‘I Can See Your Voice’, but she also sings really well

5. Daebak……. I didn’t know Jungwoo noona was a celebrity

6. It’s the female version of Jungwoo

7. No, but her birthday is August 1997, and Jungwoo’s birthday is February 1998…????

8. Daebak.. I thought his noona would be pretty, but she’s an actress.. wow

9. Has his older sister changed her age?

10. Daebak!!!!!! She’s Jungwoo with long hair

11. Looking at Instagram, they look alike when they smile

12. Hul, she’s so pretty

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