Netizens are arguing about a Boys Planet trainee not knowing that Taeyeon is from Girls’ Generation

A Boys Planet trainee didn’t know that Taeyeon is from Girls’ Generation

1. When I was young, I didn’t even know that Lee Hyori is from Fin.K.L

2. It’s not because he was born in 2009, but because he’s a trainee, how can a trainee not know Taeyeon is from SNSD?

3. Last year Soshi made a comeback, but he didn’t know… I wonder if he wasn’t interested in the music industry back then

4. Didn’t Soshi debut around 2009?? Of course he didn’t know

5. I knew Yang Hyun Suk and I also knew Seo Taiji and Boys, but I didn’t even know that Yang Hyun Suk is from Seo Taiji and Boys

6. I was in middle school in 2009, but I didn’t know about SES and HOT

7. He’s a trainee, so he needs to know this

8. I wonder if people who want to become idols don’t even know these things. If you want to challenge in any field, you must learn about that field unconditionally,,,,

9. I’m surprised that people who want to be idols don’t know that, isn’t that what they usually care about?

10 .Even if you know Girls’ Generation, you might not know the members’ names

11. But I wonder why idol trainees don’t know Soshiㅋㅋ

12. These days, the kids know Taeyeon, but I think maybe they don’t know she’s from Soshi

13. It’s like kids these days don’t know that Kim Jong Kook and Lee Seung Gi are singers

14. His biggest achievement in life = Knowing that Taeyeon is a member of SNSD

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