Netizens are arguing about a Boys Planet trainee not knowing that Taeyeon is from Girls’ Generation

A Boys Planet trainee didn’t know that Taeyeon is from Girls’ Generation

1. When I was young, I didn’t even know that Lee Hyori is from Fin.K.L

2. It’s not because he was born in 2009, but because he’s a trainee, how can a trainee not know Taeyeon is from SNSD?

3. Last year Soshi made a comeback, but he didn’t know… I wonder if he wasn’t interested in the music industry back then

4. Didn’t Soshi debut around 2009?? Of course he didn’t know

5. I knew Yang Hyun Suk and I also knew Seo Taiji and Boys, but I didn’t even know that Yang Hyun Suk is from Seo Taiji and Boys

6. I was in middle school in 2009, but I didn’t know about SES and HOT

7. He’s a trainee, so he needs to know this

8. I wonder if people who want to become idols don’t even know these things. If you want to challenge in any field, you must learn about that field unconditionally,,,,

9. I’m surprised that people who want to be idols don’t know that, isn’t that what they usually care about?

10 .Even if you know Girls’ Generation, you might not know the members’ names

11. But I wonder why idol trainees don’t know Soshiㅋㅋ

12. These days, the kids know Taeyeon, but I think maybe they don’t know she’s from Soshi

13. It’s like kids these days don’t know that Kim Jong Kook and Lee Seung Gi are singers

14. His biggest achievement in life = Knowing that Taeyeon is a member of SNSD

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This is not Boys Planet OP, there’s not a single trainee on that show called Kyurae, not a single trainee born in 2009 and those dorms aren’t Boys Planet cheap ass shoe box dorms. Looking it up, this is from another show, Fantasy Boys (?).


No one knew she was at the subway station either so theres that.


You cant read lol. He thought taeyeon is solo artist. He didnt said he didnt know taeyeon lol. And hes stupid. Imagine olivia rodrigo or any new artist saying he/she didnt know beyonce is from destiny child


But knetz said it was because people don’t expect her to take subway lol.

There was an anecdote among Amazing Saturday cast, when they cast and crew went to eat at a bean soup restaurant someone else said “isn’t that Taeyeon?” and the other person was like “of course not, why would she eat here” 😂


If you are interested in becoming idol, you must know taeyeon is from snsd lol. Are there any singer (not commoner) in us who didnt know beyonce, justin timberlake, harry style, etc. are from popular group. If there are singer like that, he/she must be stupid/ignorant lol


The downvote lol. This stupid kid has fans? Lol. Just admit hes stupid. He want to be an idol but didnt know anything abt idol industry. What is next? He didnt know bts is from small comp? Maybe he thought hybe is the one who create bts and bts only popular bcuz of hybe lol


I get what you mean.. Not knowing your big seniors in idol industry often causes an issue like this post. A trainee should prevent this from happening by at least searching up the prev gens’ idols. And if you happen to not know, you better keep it to yourself first and do a search after the camera is off


He was born *after* SNSD released Gee so it’s understandable he won’t know the members well.

When the other trainees asked if he knew SNSD’s Tell Me Your Wish (also from 2009) he said he knew the drama Tell Me Your Wish (2022), which ironically starred SNSD Sooyoung. These days kids are surprised to find out Taeyeon, Yokna, Sooyoung, Seohyun etc are from one group lol


Hes not typical kid, hes going to be an idol. At least he must know taeyeon is from snsd lol. Just admit hes stupid. People will call any new american SINGER a stupid if he/she didnt know harry style is part of 1d lol



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