Netizens are confused about Taeyeon’s Instagram story regarding her concert in Jakarta

Taeyeon’s Instagram Story

What does this mean?

“Ms. ‘Taeyeon Concert in Jakarta’ doesn’t know what she’s talking about 😏.”

1. Foreign fans are not satisfied because the venue is small

2. What is happening…? Taeyeon will be performing in Jakarta, but the person in the picture is swearing at SM because the venue is too small…?

-> Isn’t the person in the picture Taeyeon?

3. I saw Taeyeon’s Instagram Story and I didn’t understand what she was saying. Is she cursing the Jakarta organizers?? Is the venue too small?

4. What is this?

5. Foreign fans are disappointed because Taeyeon’s concert in Jakarta only has 5,000 seats, looks like she’s also disappointed with SM because of this

6. Because the concert only has 5,000 seats, she’s posting like this

7. I guess she posted it because the size of the venue is too small

8. I don’t understand what she posted

9. Looks like she’s confused too

10. What is she trying to say?

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