Netizens are debating whether the final conclusion is that the NCT system was successful

Didn’t the NCT system succeed?

How many top groups are there from that system?

1. If SM didn’t have that system, they would have succeeded sooner

2. I don’t think the success of each unit is the success of the whole system..! I think this system failed at some point…

3. The success of the system? No, it’s just that each unit did well

4. I think it is the success of the individual, of each group rather than the success of the whole system

5. Without the system, I think they would have reached the top much faste

6. The members worked hard, but I think it’s great that the fans didn’t give up and are still fans

7. It’s not the success of the system, it’s just the success of 127 and Dream

8. I think this system was created entirely by the greed of the producers

9. I don’t know about that system, but what’s for sure is that the members are all excellent

10. I think the members did 90%.. Personally, I don’t think that’s the success of the system

11. The members had a hard time

12. The members worked hard..

13. Even now, the system is weird..

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A dumb system wasting good talent. LSM is avoiding solo idols getting too powerful and thinks everyone is just an interchangeable toy. The way he blacklists idols who leave SM show how much he hates too much autonomy and is very petty.


Lucas get into the chat


One of the reason ppl would check them out is bc they’re from SM. If they’re from some nugu company ppl would probably lose the interest they never had 😭 i think it’s more like sm is successful instead of the system itself


Idk something about the whole system is just so tiresome. You have to be really dedicated to really know about all the members and all the sub groups. And if I was a new K-pop fan, I feel like that would be really intimidating. I really only know the surface level members that get mentioned the most, and that’s about it but other than that with the constant addition of members and the gazillion comebacks that feel so repetitive I wouldn’t say it was a successful system. I can only imagine if they just had one fixed group with all the top members. There prob would be more success in that.


Taeyong literally spoke out on how the system is messed up; he said it’s something the members discuss often. The system basically ensures akgaes and fanwars between units. It seems SM simply capitalised on this to make the most out of their fans. I really feel for the members. They’re all super talented and hardworking, but the system holds them back. And let’s not even talk about the obvious favoritism and mistreatments.

Whenever this topic comes up, I always think: NCT succeeded, but at the cost of the members. The one who profits the most out of this success should be the members. But instead, it’s the company, courtesy of the NCT brand. Maybe that’s why the success doesn’t feel substantial to me.

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They don’t care about it as long as they can make money out of fans until they dry. This is how NCT happen at first place members themself don’t care if they losing co- worker if that mean they’ll get better opportunities

Bring back discuss

Complete failure imo.

They sell well because they are from SM, but lots of groups have good sales these days
They are basically irrelevant and a senior group using youtube ads to boost views, meanwhile their streams are TERRIBLE.

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Get well soon Haechan

Nct Dream streams are great


NcT dream failed internationally and their sales don’t match their stream either. Even sm bought views for candy.


not really for candy tho, but glitch mode & beatbox. the difference between the 24h views were obvious


idk I think this concept only works for Japan , not really sure why SM bringing this system to Kpop like if people want this kind of system , they will go and stan jpop idols instead . Most kpop fans rarely stan jpop idols because they have this complicated system for their groups.

And the way they immediately succumbed to fans’ protest to keep NCT Dream as a fixed unit instead of it being a rotation group like that’s clearly a sign that you can’t really handle groups with this system.

based misandrist

only nct dream became successful *once they became a fixed unit* because of their youthful concept and not to mention bg stans form emotional attachments with their faves to the extreme so the whole replacing members for a new line up makes them mad


it wasn’t.

there are members that are completely overworked and on the verge of a breakdown and then you have members that are less active than disbanded groups. the most successful “product” is, ironically, the fixed unit, NCT Dream.

while NCT’s physical sales look good on paper, their numbers aren’t higher than fixed boy groups’ results, and it’s still unclear how the earnings are distributed among the members.

the members themselves don’t profit from the system and i even doubt that it’s that beneficial to sm entertainment. they most likely give each member, active or less active, a monthly allowance and pay for other expenses (food, water, electricity, housing, cleaning, medical bills, etc.) and that’s the bare minimum imo. sure, it sounds fun when you’re young and have a wealthy background but let’s see how many members will renew their contracts under the same conditions.

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They’re all flop behind 4 Gen boys group now especially outside South Korea WayV is complete nugu


the fact that their most successful group is a fixed unit says it all lol

the system is a flop.

Get well soon Haechan

The system SUCKS! It’s the boys that have sold their souls to it that are the main attractors. This is SM. If not for the system they would have hit bigger and faster. They could have easily debuted each unit 3 years after the other and it would have been great


You must be joking, the system barely works, the rotation, the graduatin, expanding unit. They are now just like any other kpop group that has subunit


NCT stand for “Not Completely Tested” that’s why they keep failing one after another new members.


the new members also really don’t bring anything new to the team except for shotaro

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