Netizens are debating whether the final conclusion is that the NCT system was successful

Didn’t the NCT system succeed?

How many top groups are there from that system?

1. If SM didn’t have that system, they would have succeeded sooner

2. I don’t think the success of each unit is the success of the whole system..! I think this system failed at some point…

3. The success of the system? No, it’s just that each unit did well

4. I think it is the success of the individual, of each group rather than the success of the whole system

5. Without the system, I think they would have reached the top much faste

6. The members worked hard, but I think it’s great that the fans didn’t give up and are still fans

7. It’s not the success of the system, it’s just the success of 127 and Dream

8. I think this system was created entirely by the greed of the producers

9. I don’t know about that system, but what’s for sure is that the members are all excellent

10. I think the members did 90%.. Personally, I don’t think that’s the success of the system

11. The members had a hard time

12. The members worked hard..

13. Even now, the system is weird..

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