Netizens are disappointed with NCT 127 ‘2 Baddies’ MV

NCT 127 ‘2 Baddies’ MV

1. I was looking forward to the song, but what a pity

2. It’s worse than I thought

3. The song is a bit disappointing, but the MV and concept are good

4. I was expecting a lot, but the song was a bit disappointing ㅠㅠ There is no memorable part other than the chorus

5. SM’s music doesn’t suit me anymore

6. The song is good and the MV is good too

7. The concept is good, but the chorus is not very interesting….

8. The song was a bit more disappointing than I expected, but the music video is good

9. I’m a bit disappointed, but the choreography looks good, so I’m looking forward to their stage

10. It’s not what I expected, but it’s not bad

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