Netizens are divided over G-Dragon’s painting being auctioned

G-Dragon’s painting is auctioned

A modern work of art created by G-Dragon seven years ago has been auctioned

The name of the work is “’Youth is Flower’

According to Seoul Auction, the starting price of the work is 30 million won

1. Fans will buy it, I wonder how much it will sell for

2. I hope that rich Chinese people buy it at a high price

3. I want to buy it if I have money

4. My personal impression is that this painting is worse than any painting of celebrities

5. Since it was drawn by GD, perhaps some people feel it has value

6. What is modern art?

7. Seriously, become famous and people will applaud you even when you poop

8. The person who drew it is GD, and regardless of who likes or dislikes GD, there are few domestic celebrities with as much influence as him

9. A painting that looks like something my nephew drew?

10. That is the name value of GD

11. Once you become famous, people will applaud you even when you poop

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