Netizens are divided over HYBE idols being famous for their synchronized choreography

Seriously, HYBE is HYBE

This time, when I watched LE SSERAFIM’s choreography video, I felt that the HYBE idols’ choreography was very synchronized

BTS (Big Hit)


TXT (Big Hit)


fromis_9 (Pledis)

LE SSERAFIM (Source Music)

NewJeans (ADOR)

[+106, -188]

1. [+144, -11] But Big Hit has only two groups, BTS and TXT + 2 girl groups, right? Are the rest of the groups added through mergers and acquisitions?

2. [+134, -8] SEVENTEEN was famous for their synchronized choreography before joining HYBE. This is ridiculous, right?

3. [+111, -4] They bought them with money and they call it family, what a shame

4. [+98, -3] Why did you use GFriend in this post?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ (OP deleted GFriend)

5. [+28, -1] Wasn’t Seventeen famous for their synchronized choreography before joining HYBE?ㅋㅋ Just use LE SSERAFIM, ENHYPEN, and NewJeans who debuted recently

6. [+25, -5] fromis_9ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ You have no conscience

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Well at least I have never seen any of the hybe groups lacking in terms of performances yet… SM has aespa and YG has bp but jyp and hybe groups are all good when it comes to perfeomce.


Yeah, it’s better to use those who debuted after the merger but I got what this op wanted to say . I mean this probably because Bang Pd and Pledis and Soumu ceo are all friends even before BTS hit big or the whole Hybe thing happened and they probably had the same opinion that performance of groups are very important hence you can see it on their groups that debuted before the merge happened , I think that is also why they agree to be under Hybe . Other than for any other resources they can use since out of all companies , I think Hybe the one who probably got tons of connections they can pull in the West , like Ariana and Justin literally under Hybe too since they took Scooter’s company under them.



Even without the merger. Txt and BTS (old bts choreo) are pretty synchronized.

But I wasn’t done…

Exactly. The number fandom just needed to bark at something


What old literally every performace by bts is perfect… ON, dionysius, black swan, run bts have crazy as choreo.

sankalp dtal

Honestly these seventeen fans wants hybe benefits without any responsibilites


Ikr. Their favs are using Hybe facilities paid for by BTS.


Like taking one group of this lineup will make a difference, the point still stands 😅


fraudmis_9 sneak lol


the point stands either way lol it’s showing that hybe prioritizes synchronous dancing enough that hybe search for groups that have good dancing and agencies which train well and buy them and also does really good training for their new idols too

even before hybe was a thing, txt are super well synchronized

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