Netizens are so disappointed with BABYMONSTER TITLE ‘Stuck In The Middle’ poster


1. Has YG’s current design team left?

2. It’s like Aespa’s debut days

3. Is this YG who created BLACKPINK?

4. I thought they would start focusing on quality after Ahyeon joined?

5. It really feels like a lie. Why is the quality like this……ㅜ Please, they are rookies. Why are they like this? Are you crazy?

6. ??? Is Ahyeon not there??

7. Honestly, the font and concept seems like a remake of Jennie’s solo song, the quality is even lower

8. It’s a bit like a Japanese idol poster

9. Reminds me of Jennie You & Me

10. I’m surprised because it doesn’t look like YG

11. YG has really lost their mind, they don’t do any market research

12. This concept is shameful

13. Where is Ahyeon?

14. Is this the YG I know? What’s really going on?

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