Netizens are worried that Ahyeon is leaving YG’s upcoming girl group Baby Monster

The reason why there are talks about YG’s upcoming girl group Baby Monster

These are the 7 members who made it to the final lineup for their upcoming girl group

There’s a member named Ahyeon who made a huge buzz among K-dols for her cover of Dangerously

After July 25, she never appeared again on her way to YG or on Baby Monster’s official Instagram

That’s why a lot of fans have been asking where did Ahyeon go?

There were also only 6 members aside from Ahyeon who appeared at BLACKPINK’s concert

1. They have too many foreigners. If Ahyeon leaves, the group won’t be popular in Korea

2. Isn’t Ahyeon in the same position as Jennie?? They can’t do anything without her

3. No, it’s a Korean girl group, but there are more foreigners than Koreans

4. Without Ahyeon, it wouldn’t be easy for them to be popular in Korea

5. So they only have 2 Koreans left

6. I forgot, Baby Monster hasn’t debuted yet?

7. Can they debut without Ahyeon?

8. Isn’t she the member who sings and dances best?

9. ?????? I only know the girl named Ahyeon?

10. I only know her… She’s so good that it gives me goosebumps

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