Netizens come forward to clear the fake rumors regarding ZEROBASEONE’s Zhang Hao

Few days back, there was a controversy regarding Zhang Hao’s sexuality.

The exposer had tweeted that he slept with Zhang Hao on few occasions. There were some other rumors regarding Zhang Hao being very famous in gay communities.

Netizens did not believe the rumors and came for the idol’s defense.

Today, netizens came forward to clear those fabricated rumors once and for all.

Netizens on K-forums have asked the agency to sue the rumor makers,

“Sue them”

“Sue the one who spread this and believed this”

“We stand with Hao”

“Agency must sue”


With the increasing popularity of this newly formed group, their antis are also getting louder.

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Ever since zb1 formed, many members especially zhang hao started getting so much hate, obviously because he won.


Poor guy

dot com bubble

Who cares if it’s even true he’s gay, it’s 2023, boomers.


It’s not who cares. Gay marriage isn’t legal in Asia, people still have homophobic attitudes and Holland got assaulted on the street by strangers last year.

Support trans Lisa

I understand the history and why Korea and many other countries are still largely intolerant of lgbt, but it’s so frustrating. At least, it is definitely getting better.


This is such a weird “controversy” for me because of the way being gay is being treated like defamation… and how he should “sue”. The fact that people feel the need to come out and debunk and clarify this sort of thing as if it’s some heinous offense is just so off putting. I know the situation can’t be helped since how conservative Asia still is, and that whoever made this claim in the first place is in the wrong, but can they not speak about it as if he is accused of being a leper?

Last edited 4 months ago by CallYouOut

Given that Holland got a lynching, and Kpop is an industry that markets to childrens and teens, it’s better for an Idol’s sexual orientation to be their own business than for them to be judged daily for it. So yes they should sue anyone that invades their privacy.


Please shut up with your bullshit. “Marketed to children”—wtf does being gay have to do with effect on children? He was presumed straight to begin with. You think straight is not a sexuality?

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