Netizens criticize Jang Wonyoung’s attitude and say she hates IU

Does Jang Wonyoung hate IU?

She insisted on not clapping until the end, but IU is the sunbae..

She covered IU’s song in the past and people talked about how she ruined the song, that’s why she didn’t clap?

[+884, -374]

1. [+969, -162] She doesn’t give any reaction unless she’s the main character

2. [+624, -71] If you watched that video, Jang Wonyoung was the only one who didn’t clapㅋㅋ..

3. [+518, -78] But why didn’t she clap?

4. [+314, -324] It’s crazy that you only picked the one where she didn’t clap and say bull$hitㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+169, -24] It’s just that her personality is like that, she’s the king of conceit and pretense, she makes a clear distinction between when it’s necessary and when it’s not

6. [+136, -52] If she doesn’t clap once, does that mean she hates her?

7. [+105, -17] They greeted her, but she didn’t even look at themㅋ

8. [+90, -16] The Chinese are too arrogant with what they have. They are not modest

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