Netizens criticize Jang Wonyoung’s attitude and say she hates IU

Does Jang Wonyoung hate IU?

She insisted on not clapping until the end, but IU is the sunbae..

She covered IU’s song in the past and people talked about how she ruined the song, that’s why she didn’t clap?

[+884, -374]

1. [+969, -162] She doesn’t give any reaction unless she’s the main character

2. [+624, -71] If you watched that video, Jang Wonyoung was the only one who didn’t clapㅋㅋ..

3. [+518, -78] But why didn’t she clap?

4. [+314, -324] It’s crazy that you only picked the one where she didn’t clap and say bull$hitㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+169, -24] It’s just that her personality is like that, she’s the king of conceit and pretense, she makes a clear distinction between when it’s necessary and when it’s not

6. [+136, -52] If she doesn’t clap once, does that mean she hates her?

7. [+105, -17] They greeted her, but she didn’t even look at themㅋ

8. [+90, -16] The Chinese are too arrogant with what they have. They are not modest

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freddie krueger

She was spacing out the whole awards show….Lol she was even spacing out when they won the best song award, can’t a girl just be tired?


She thinks she’s all that


Did she really not bow at chaewon? Werent they in a group together??? Thats kinda weird if she didnt acknowledge her at all tbh


I don’t know who she is , but I watched some clips and I was curious
She doesn’t have to clap every second , but when some groups greeted her she didn’t even look at them !!
She’s still young I hope she fixes her attitude before people start hating on her


This is just my opinion, but I every time I see her I get the sensation that she’s like a mannequin. She’s posing all the time, trying to make minimal expressions and to look pretty.
All her actions and mannerisms feel really controlled and unnatural.
She must feel a lot of pressure to appear to be perfect.


the witch-hunt this girl get smh u will believe she’s a criminal or smth. i didnt see the criminal, bully, power trip idol getting so much hate as her. u netizen trying to make her the next sulli victim or what?

Excuse me

We can get past that clap thing. You shouldn’t have to clap for every single thing. That hate was unnecessary tbh. But this bow thing. Isn’t chaewon and Sakura was in same group as her for a whole year. It’s ironic how she didn’t even look at her way. It was way obvious she was just looking away so she don’t have to look others way who were bowing to her. New jeans and other bg maybe enhypen.? Both stood up to bow them to show mutual respect. I mean you don’t have to stand up but atleast bow. In ive only two or three girls bowed and rest were as stone as a mannequin.
I am sorry but it looks like these girls have already caught this celebrity disease. They really think they are all that just cause they won a daesang. They should really look at their attitudes cause they ain’t normal people like us but idols. It’s pretty clear they want to act like it ggp of k-pop. But this thing is seriously such a turn off.

Excuse me

I take back my words. Please downvote this comment.
Please they don’t deserve any hate. I was wrong for writing this. But I can’t delete this thing. Maybe I was angry cause their stans were dragging twice for no reason for more than a week. But I realised I am also doing no good. Cause twice also suffered this same thing when they blew up. And as someone who’s faves have gone through this same thing during their rookie days it was totally wrong for me to write this statement. She is not rude for not clapping or not bowing too. I think it’s time we as a people stop hating on these girls for every little things. It was my own pettiness that I wrote it. Hope if you read this you will downvote my previous comment.


People keep saying “go easy on that girl, she doesn’t deserve it” but then she shows this attitude? Its becoming hard to defend her… Its her sunbae…


She wasn’t even there, but was akward when she didn’t greet le sserafim tho


Idc about the clapping, but she should’ve looked at Chaewon when greeting her. That’s basic respect


“The Chinese are too arrogant with what they have. They are not modest”

She is chinese? I thought she is korean based on her name


Taiwanese Media claimed that her mother is part Taiwanese, but Wonyoung nor her company confirmed this.


She is Chinese. Her family is Chinese living in Korea. Like zainichi Korean live in Japan. They refused to change to Korean nationality to dodge service.

pranpriya m.

Watch her reaction to BTS winning daesang. Everybody was clapping and Miss Wony here was flipping her hair 😅

pranpriya m.

This bitch is so rude omg.. and her fans still shield this… if u want to shield the clapping one, the greeting part is really obvious that this bitch is just so full of herself. I hope karma hits her hard


fame got to her head, that’s why

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