Netizens criticize YG after seeing BABYMONSTER ‘Stuck In The Middle’ I CHARACTER POSTER Rami Ruka


1. What the hell is this? They look like an ad for a female character in a Chinese game ㅠ

2. They look like Japanese female idols from the 2000s

3. Has YG ever had the style like this? Have they abandoned the hip-hop style?

4. Are they doing this on purpose???

5. What’s really going on with YG’s concept…?

6. Seriously, they look like a rookie group from a small to medium sized company with 2 employees. What is that design?

7. Quality is really disappointing

8. But does this work abroad???

9. Last time it was Chinese style, this time it’s Japanese style, I guess next time it will be Korean style

10. Wow, it looks like it was made by a Chinese fanclub

11. Doesn’t YG see the community’s reactions..? They are constantly criticized for their quality, but nothing changes

12. It’s like a cosmetics ad

13. But YG is always like that and has no taste in design

14. It’s like a Chinese game

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