Netizens disagree that ZEROBASEONE has opened the 5th generation

The group who is known to have opened the 5th generation recently

All the articles about this rookie group are about how they opened the door of the 5th generation

“‘The 3rd generation representation’ EXO, ‘The face of the 5th generation’ ZEROBASEONE, warning to seize the music industry”

“‘The 5th generation” ZEROBASEONEand ‘The 3rd generation’ EXO competition… ‘I’ll ask for your autograph'”

1. Didn’t the 4th generation debut less than a year ago?ㅋㅋ Meanwhile only girl groups do well

2. Is it because they don’t want to be compared to 4th generation idols?

3. Honestly, I don’t know anything about 4th generation except female idols, but what is 5th generation?

4. NewJeans is the 4th generation, but what is the 5th generation opening?

5. I don’t know any 4th or 5th generation boy groups

6. Are there any boy groups that represent the 4th generation?

7. I don’t know what generation they are, they’re K-pop but the center is Chinese

8. I really hate Mnet, I hate it

9. I don’t even know about 4th generation boy groups

10. There is not too much difference between the 4th generation and the 5th generation

11. 4th generation idols are still rookies

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doesn’t a new gen start when the previous gen begin to lose popularity/disband? 4th gen are just rising now, they still have long years before their contract ends and there’s already 5th gen?


Idk ask the people who names 2018 as the start of 4th gen even though BP is only a year and a few months old when groups like g-idle debuted, also 2018 is literally the peak of all of 3rd gen, not just bts and bp


they only have fanbase and buy massively from china, they free fall on 2nd day on unsupported chinese platforms (melon, youtube, spotify…), thats why company call it’s the 5th generation because they can’t survive at 4th generation

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I feel bad for them, the burden from 5th gen mediaplay from MNET and CJ is too much to handle

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