Netizens fiercely debate whether BLACKPINK Jennie and Lisa are good rappers

Jennie and Lisa, are they good at rapping?

They say that Jennie and Lisa are top female idol rappers, but Jeon Soyeon is better at rapping than them, right?

They are good at English so they rap in English every day. But when they rap in Korean, Jeon Soyeon seems to be better, shouldn’t rappers write their own rap?

No, YG has good idol rappers like GD, Bobby, Mino, CL who write all their rap parts, so I admit it, but I’m not sure about Jennie and Lisa

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Some comments on Pann

“Jeon Soyeon is good at rapping, but she’s also good at composing”

“Honestly, among the current female idols, aren’t they the best? I have never seen any female idol as good as them”

“They’re just Instagram influencers, not rappers or artists”

“Instead of calling idols rappers, they’re just members who are in charge of the rap part in the group”

“When it comes to their voices, Jennie and Lisa seem better than Jeon Soyeon, I’m not a fan of any of them”

“I like BLACKPINK, but I don’t think Jennie and Lisa should be called rappers”

“I heard that if you’re a rapper, you have to write your own lyrics and sing it, so that’s why you’re called a rapper… For Lisa and Jennie, I think they’re just singers who are good at rapping”

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Well Lisa and Jennie are good at rapping of course soyeon is faster and write her own lyrics but Lisa and Jennie add charm to any rap verse which I can’t find in soyeon . And no hate to soyeon just my opinion

Not ur typa girl

Pftt jealousy mofos and armys downvoted u so fast..tho i agree with u tho. 🙆


Ur username is of a song from a yt trump supporter. What the hell would you know about quality or rap


and ur fave stan cult exorcist leader, pick a struggle

But I wasn’t done

The bar is in hell’s ass if you consider them girls good rappers let alone singers. A group of dozens and it’s not debatable


if we’re talking actually good rappers then there are very few good ones in the kpop industry (like not even 10), as for idol rappers’ standards not even Soyeon is as impressive as they make her out to be in terms of delivery. quality of lyrics are subjective but at the very least you have to write your own stuff to be considered a serious rapper and those two don’t even do that


“I heard that if you’re a rapper, you have to write your own lyrics and sing it, so that’s why you’re called a rapper… For Lisa and Jennie, I think they’re just singers who are good at rapping”

-i agree with this one! rappers should write their own raps! ig YG needs to let them compose their own song now YYY is a good start


Google is free and lisa has song credited to her name as songwriter and jennie wrote her solo rap part in the remix release


Jennie’s solo rap parts were awful tho, in both songs (the original solo and the remix), they were both cringy as hell lol i mean:
“sitting in my throne” “I aint got time for the trouble in your eyes”
“Let me shine, gettin’ mine, I hit you with that ddu-ddu”
“Wanna find me? I be in Paris a lot, that’s beaucoup”
“Too cool, ooh, four-finger ring, pink on it”
“All me, cross seas, coco Chanel”

like wtf are those lines 💀 reminds me of “im a star but not patrick”


now tell me your faves lets see what they wrote, if u want that meaningful lyrics go sing gospel songs dumb btch, Its kpop


someone got butthurt lmaaao my fav among idol rappers is soyeon, the one who all rappers from Unpretty rapstar were afraid of because of her talent, so keep dreaming 💀at least my fav knows how to write proper lyrics without having to mention in every “rap” the word “chanel” or “b*tch” or some brag about how cool they are 💀💀 and girl, its not my fault that you just listen to sh*ty songs with sh*ty lyrics when kpop has good songs with good lyrics too, you trying to excuse it with your sh*ty taste is even sadder than your fav’s “raps”


I don’t wanna play this ping-pong
I would rather film a TikTok
Your mom raised you as a prince
But this is queendom, right?
I like dancing, I love my friends
Sometimes we swear without cigarettes
I like to eh on drinking whiskey
I won’t change it, what the hell?

Good 🤣🤣

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Bro jenlisa has western style in rapping you should listen to niki minaj before barking 😂


among female idol rappers from big 3’s 3rd gen & 4th gen groups, I think they’re the best lol


Another day another blackpink article from HYBEBOY. Never beating that second fandom allegations


They’re not good rappers objectively speaking. They’re not even rappers. They don’t write their raps and when they do, it’s simply reiterations of their bratty, “you wish you were me,” “skinny, pretty, mean girl” raps which were cute the first three years, but nearly seven years in the game, what else can be provided that’s not a B-side? If they were in the western scene, they’d get laughed at by actual rappers.


But did they lied when they said u wish u were me?? even your fave CL are jennie obsessed when solo came out


Sweetheart, without a CL, Jennie would not exist. CL is the standard when it comes to a female idol rapper. You can’t wanna be anyone else when you’re the original so it may apply to other girls, but certainly not CL.

Imagine harping on a tweet not even meant for Jennie four years later. At least charge CL rent.

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Bro niki minaj still with the same style since 20 years and western rappers always praise them


Rappers write their raps. I would say they are good parrots and emulating black rappers


“But I’m Neutrogena deep clean, Just came out as foam”
“You were even born with sexy brain wrinkles”


They wrote just yg who doesn’t give them credits

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