Netizens praise NMIXX’s lightstick design that was revealed today

NMIXX’s lightstick design was revealed today

Pre-order from today

1. It’s so beautiful, I want to buy it

2. Wow I’m not a fan but I want to buy it, it’s so beautiful

3. This is the most beautiful lightstick I have ever seen. I’m not a fan but I want to buy it

4. Hul, it’s so beautiful.. I want to buy it

5. Wow, it’s crazy, it’s really beautiful

6. It’s beautiful, I don’t care about the lightstick, but I want to buy it

7. It’s cute, but I really like this design

8. This design is beautiful!

9. The design is really good, it’s beautiful

10. It’s beautiful, the fans will be so happy

11. I’m really curious to see how it looks in real life

12. Hul, I’m not a fan, but I want to buy it. Why is it so beautiful?

13. Wow, they chose good design

14. Wow, I think it’s the prettiest out of all the lightsticks that came out recently

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dot com bubble

That’s one of the prettiest lightsticks I have ever seen


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it looks average


Sakura plastic monster fan. Her face is the one whivh looks average. She’s a s/ut who slept with multiple business man in Japan


Bro u okay? You are mad over lighsticks? Calm tf down


Hope they get good music too


This group is pure talent. Now that you designed nice light stick please make good music too


That lightstick is so cute when it comes out I will definitely buy it Nswer here


What’s so great? Just another bland orb lightstick ugh


I‘m sorry but that whale is so cute


they beat the curse

spicy spice

there’s a whale inside. so cute.

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