Netizens react after G-Dragon changed his brand profile picture on Instagram

GD changed his brand profile picture on Instagram

1. Looking at the comments, there are a lot of people who seem to have a personal grudge against GD

2. Poor.. Jennie, V, GD, leave everything alone

3. Is it true that Jennie and GD used to date? Are Jennie and V dating now? I’m not sure because they never confirmed it

4. I think it’s better for him not to do anything

5. It’s not his personal Instagram, it’s his brand Instagram

6. I don’t like GD, but guys, please don’t cross the line

7. I bet he doesn’t even care about it

8. I don’t like GD, but what did he do wrong?

9. Although I don’t really like GD, he was mocked yesterday and today, leave him alone..

10. Is this the account he followed Jennie and then unfollowed?

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