Netizens react to list of winners of 2023 The Fact Music Awards

List of winners of 2023 The Fact Music Awards


Artist of the Year (Bonsang): Aespa, ATEEZ, ITZY, IVE, Lim Young Woong, NewJeans, NMIXX, SEVENTEEN, Stray Kids, TREASURE

Worldwide Icon: Aespa

Best Performer: IVE

Four Star Award: Stray Kids

Listeners’ Choice: NewJeans


Best Music (Spring): Lee Chan Won
Best Music (Summer): BTS
Best Music (Fall): BTS’s V
Best Music (Winter): Lim Young Woong

Idol Plus Popularity Award: BTS’s Jimin

Solo Performer of the Year: Kwon Eun Bi

Band Performer of the Year: Jannabi

Fan N Star Most Voted: BTS, Lim Young Woong

Fan N Star Choice Award (Group): BTS
Fan N Star Choice Award (Solo): Lim Young Woong

Hottest: BOYNEXTDOOR, xikers

Fan N Star Best Ads Award: Lim Young Woong

1. Is The Fact an awards ceremony where all the artists share the awards together instead of competing?

2. What did BTS do in the summer?

3. Is this the first time SEVENTEEN has won Daesang?

4. Congratulations to IVE for winning 2 awards

5. Congratulations to Seventeen

6. Lim Young Woong won 5 awards

7. Stray Kids won 2 awards

8. Congratulations to RIIZE on winning the Rookie award

9. Congratulations to everyone

10. Congratulations to Eunbi

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