Netizens React to NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ Official MV

NewJeans ‘Super Shy’ Official MV

1. The song is good, the music video’s color is really beautiful

2. The song is so good but it’s too short

3. The MV is so pretty and the song is good too ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

4. The song is good but the choreography and the costumes are not good… I was looking forward to it because the music video’s color is beautiful, but suddenly the dance is like aerobic

5. The song is so good and the MV is so beautiful

6. Hyein’s voice is so good

7. I’ll have to look forward to other songs.. Oh, did I expect too much?

8. I love this song so much

9. I think NewJeans always overdoes the choreography for the song.. I hope the choreography matches the mood of the song..

10. Wow, the song is so good. It would be perfect if you were driving while listening to this song

11. Hyein’s voice is so good, the members are all pretty

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their music this time all sounding like pinkpantheress , differrent to their debut album ep that each all sounds quite different but in a nice way


9. I think NewJeans always overdoes the choreography for the song.. I hope the choreography matches the mood of the song..

Have to agree. While their debut singles had good choreo I feel like last comeback the moves were kinda overdone and didn’t fit the mood of the songs and this one too. Like the songs about being super shy and yet the moves are very exaggerated and big. I wish they would tone down the choreo just a bit.

Overall though the music as always is super sweet and cute.


Yeah Ditto’s choreo is as if it was for a total different song


kinda boring tbh


It’s not good compared to their previous songs, the quality of the song has gone down


Can’t wait to listen their “ASAP”


[NEWS] #JUNGKOOK will perform on the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series at Central Park on July 14th 🇺🇸


PRE-SAVE “SEVEN” BY JUNGKOOK‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️‼️


The song is cute as usual but its like they took Sanas shy shy shy and developed it to extended concept. I see a lot of Twice in them. both in songs Mvs and concepts.


old debut twice not new twice lol


New twice are literally amazing…as well as old twice. But new twice are just slay. They are literally perfect performers and are one who is keeping me hooked to kpop still. If they had disbanded I would have left this k-pop scene with them. But they are still together and still strong as a group. I like that. Btw my bias is Sana.

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