Netizens react to Oh My Girl Arin and NCT Mark’s dating rumors

Oh My Girl Arin and NCT Mark are rumored to be dating again… Kissing the sun?

The two of them were wrapped up in dating rumors after Arin updated her Instagram with a picture of her kissing the sun

Some stirred up dating rumors saying her picture matches Mark’s Instagram profile picture

1. I thought that picture was Haechan, but it’s Mark

2. Don’t touch Arin, you guys are stupid

3. Arin’s picture was taken by her dad in February of this year, and Mark’s picture was taken last October. Are you kidding me?

4. Does Mark have time to date? He always makes comebacks

5. Looks like Arin is going on a trip with her family

6. If I take a picture like that, can I go on a date with Arin?

7. I heard that the picture was taken by her dad, stop spreading the dating rumors

8. Arin’s picture from her family trip and Mark’s picture from their US tour last October, but this article is really ridiculous

9. Journalists don’t have time to be bored

10. Suzy and Rosé’s dating rumors will be more real

11. Last October.. Are you kidding me?

12. Damn.. Arin’s dad took that picture

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