Netizens react to Song Joong Ki going to Hungary with his wife

Song Joong Ki went to Hungary with his wife

1. Even though his wife is wearing a mask, she still looks so pretty……… I’m so jealous of you, Song Joong Ki

2. Song Joong Ki’s wife is so pretty, and his puppy looks cute too

3. The two of them look so good together

4. I can only see the puppy, so cute

5. Song Joong Ki is so handsome

6. But looking at their pictures together, they look good together

7. They look so good together. But I’m curious as to why they are going to Hungary

8. Wow, I’m so jealous of Song Joong Ki

9. I can only see his wife’s eyes, she’s so pretty

10. I like international marriages like this

11. Song Joong Ki, why does he look like a college student?

12. Song Joong Ki’s wife’s eyes are so pretty

13. Song Joong Ki is handsome and his wife is so pretty

14. Even though I can only see the eyes, the two of them match really well

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i hope his marriage fails




I wish these two have a happy and peaceful life together




Haven’t seen much of Katy after her role as Babi, but she aged so gracefully; she’s even more stunning now — love that for her 😍

pkp the brainwasher kboo

erm, does pkp stan this? They’ve been downvoted till they rank no. 1 on -ve reactions on naver everyday. Incl this. It’s all eew on k-internet & various variations of eew.

How on earth did pkp pick such 0.00000000000001% comments????

lsg-sjk cancelled

It’s lumped w lee seunggi as the cancelled two. Ranked 7 by sheer cancelled status.

what’s w the comments????

pkp the brainwasher kboo

on the most hated celeb ranking news:
sjk+ lsg= no. 1, 2, 4, 6, 10, 17, 19, 20

they’re slowly joining joo jinmo, lee soogeun, park soohong, park soojin, kahi, son dambi, tara jiyeon, santa, jang donggeun etc in the hated couples bunch, forever trending bcs they’re so hated by the whole country.


Asian guys generally don’t match well with foreign women tbh. Asian genetics always make the guys look immature

…like the feeling of an older woman dating a teenage boy.



on his way to his 2nd divorce


admin cherry picking comments from theqoo lmao meanwhile the comments on naver are negative…

admin, are you fan?


Walking red flags


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Where are her kids??

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